Acrylic Nails

We offer a range of Acrylic Nail treatments at Get Beautiful. Not only can we offer you a choice of acrylic tips and coloured acrylics, we can also offer acrylic nail maintenance treatments such as acrylic nail infills, nail replacements and acrylic nail removals.

Acrylic Tips

We’ll carefully add tips to each of your nails and finished them off with a high gloss varnish giving you an improved and natural looking set of acrylic nails.

Coloured Acrylic Tips

As with our Acrylic Tip treatment, we’ll apply an acrylic tip to the end of your nails, but you’ll get a choice of colours to choose from. If you have a colour preference, let us know in advance when booking to ensure we have it in stock!

Acrylic Infills

Unfortunately natural nails continue to grow under any set of acrylics, leaving small gaps between the acrylic nail and your cuticle. Our acrylic nail infill treatment will top up this gap allowing you to keep your nails on longer between replacements.

Single Nail Replacements

As it says! You might find you can extend the time between fully replacing all of your tips by simply replacing one or two. You might find you break one for one reason or another … you are only human after all! Our acrylic nail replacement treatment aims to help you when you need it.

Acrylic Nail Removal Treatment

We can help you when it’s time for all your nails to come off. Our removal treatment aims to remove all your nails with minimal damage to your natural nails. As part of our removal treatments, we’ll also tidy up your natural nails with a mini manicure or French polish when finished!

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